Copyright and Re-Use

The Foundling Museum holds the copyright to all the audio content in this site, including that used in the films.

You are welcome to use content from this site (including audio and images) for the following purposes, provided you keep to the terms set out lower down this page:

  • To teach in school or university
  • For individual private research

If you wish to reproduce audio extracts for other purposes, you must contact the Foundling Museum in advance for written permission.

Some of these uses may include:

  • Publications and pamphlets
  • Books
  • Public displays and exhibitions 
  • On other web sites
  • TV and radio programmes

Mandatory terms, you must not:

  • Edit, mix, change or distort the recordings or text in any way
  • Use any content in a negative way that is not in keeping with the presentation on this web siteUse recordings for any other purposes not explicitly allowed above, without prior written permission
  • Use or reproduce recordings without acknowledging the source as: "This extract is from the Foundling Voices Collection, see for more information"


The copyright in the photographs is held by a variety of individuals and organisations. You are welcome to use the photographs in conjunction with the audio to teach in schools or universities or for individual private research as outlined above. However, photographs must, under no circumstances, be reproduced for other purposes, without contacting the Foundling Museum for prior written permission.