Ted was born in October 1933 and was fostered in Saffton Walden. He attended the Foundling Hospital School at Berkhamsted. After completing his National Service in the RAF he worked for several jewellery companies. He now lives in Herefordshire.

Ted Mitson outside the Foundling Museum
Ted Mitson's birth mother

A very loving family

Audio Transcript

Now the Mitsons as I said were a very loving family and I kept in contact with them and I'm still in contact with the one surviving member. All my siblings, I'll call them my siblings because they were the only ones I had. They're dead, but my eldest brother's widow lives in reading and she has a daughter who Angela and I see from time to time. But let's go back over the Mitsons. I was going to illustrate to you how I fitted in to this family. The best way I can illustrate it is, I was considered by all the family to be a member and when my father died, well my brother ran the business.  When my mother died, there was only a small estate, but when anything was wound up, I got one fifth. So, that was how my brothers and sisters saw me and, a full member of the family.