Search for Birth Families

Every child that was admitted to the Foundling Hospital was given a new name. This protected the anonymity of birth mothers, giving them a chance to re-establish themselves fully in society.  However, after the Second World War policy changed and the Hospital began to help children to trace and make contact with their birth families. As a result the people interviewed through Foundling Voices have often met mothers, half brothers and sisters and more extended family members. Some have even met their fathers. Again, these meetings have had very different outcomes, with some being painful and unsatisfactory and others bringing great happiness and a sense of belonging.


Image of a Mother

You know you have this mother image of a mother, each of us has our own different...

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Given me a family

I know that I belonged to somebody... whereas before I didn't belong to anybody

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I've firmly shut a door

As children we always played out this game of who our mothers were and they...

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Daniel's birth Father

My father was a Mauritian

My father was a Mauritian, right. So he came over in 1920 something and was...

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Wouldn't even recognise me

She wouldn't even recognise me, that I was her daughter...

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